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Germain back home with mum

Anesta Henry

Germain back home with mum

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A day after the DAILY NATION highlighted the plight of ten-year-old Germain Jackman, the missing boy has been found and is now safe with his mother.
Yesterday an elated Lana Jackman said “a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders” after receiving word from the police late Sunday night that her first-born was very much alive.
Though relieved and happy, the 31-year-old mother said she was also upset over reports that a beating had driven the boy from his father’s home and into isolation.
“I have heard those complaints (of beatings) as well and on one occasion we did [go] to the Child Care Board with one of the complaints, but nothing was done about it,” she said.
This time around, “all he (Germain) said is that he don’t want to live up there (at his father’s house) no more; he want to live with me”, the mother remarked.
“I keep questioning him about what happened and all he saying is that nothing is wrong with up by his father but he just want to be with me,” the mother of four reported.
But Germain’s father, 49-year-old Samuel Moore, flatly denied any suggestions that he had abused his son, who is preparing to write the Common Entrance Examination.
In fact, when the DAILY NATION questioned him outside his home about such reports, Moore promptly went inside and returned with his personal copy of the June 15, 2000 edition of the SATURDAY SUN where young Germain’s story first made national headlines.
“Look at this! Tell me, who abusing Germain?” Moore asked.
He pointed out that when Germain was a mere seven months old his mother had left the child outside his father’s Redman’s Village, St Thomas home. The boy was found wet and crying.
“Any discipline Germain gets is what he is supposed to get,” Moore stressed. “Germain was never abused. He was never, never abused.”
However, Moore admitted sharing “a couple lashes” last week, allegedly because he had caught his son lying.
“He bring home a letter here to me, telling me that he got an exam on April 6,” Moore explained. 
“While driving around, I see all kinds of schools got children. So I come home and ask him: ‘How come you saying that the school ain’t got no lessons?’
“I say: ‘Anyway, you leaving from here Thursday (to go to lessons)’. Then Germain tell me he got lessons and he got to pay $5 for lessons.
“I turn around and give Germain a couple lashes. Them ain’t no more lashes [than] what Germain would get when he do wrong,” Moore said.
The boy, who ran away from home following Thursday’s incident with his father, had been living on his own ever since.
Wearing jeans and a grey armhole shirt, the Deacons Primary School student was found in a bushy area in Lodge Hill, St. Michael, late Sunday.
The boy, who has hopes of entering Queen’s College and becoming a politician, apparently survived on roasted breadfruit and other food he got from residents in the area.
“He went by a lady’s house and he was telling the lady that he lived in the area and when she was feeding the other kids she would give him something to eat as well,” his mother reported.
Now that he is back at her home, Germain’s mother said she intends to seek counseling for her son.
She said her main plan “is about getting my son back on track because he has to sit exams next month”.
“I told him this evening we leaving all of this baggage up Redman’s Village,” she added.