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FLYING FISH & COU COU – Politico under the radar

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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A DISGRUNTLED Christ Church resident has written to Cou Cou demanding answers as to the whereabouts of a certain individual who she says she cannot find, and frankly no longer wants to.
According to the letter writer, this politico has been keeping such a low profile that he has fallen below the radar, and it seems to her that he no longer cares about her or others in the district.
She noted that the last time he was seen out was three weeks ago, and this was only after an enquiring female professional visited a building in the district to ask him some searching questions.
As usual, office staff were friendly and polite, but after making a telephone call, the female was told she would not be able to see the person in question.
Hours later, the elusive politico visited a certain area where some work was being carried out, and told a well- known shop owner that he was there to ensure a good job was being done.
According to this resident, a good job is indeed being done, but not by the man who is supposed to be doing it, but by his right-hand woman and the new man recently appointed to take up the job.
Looking shaky
The question is being asked about the absence of a number of big-ups at a certain event in the north.
What is particularly ironic about the situation is that a man of the cloth was preaching about unity when at this gathering there were so few of those who normally sit on the same side of the fence.
Instead, there were a number of “has beens” and “come yas” leaving one to ask if there is a future to this long-standing institution.
At a standstill
The man has left the house, but when will the curtains be taken down?
That is the question being asked around certain circles since little or nothing seems to be happening in a certain household.
Some are saying that a ghost seems to be in the house since the man who has taken over continues to act as though his job is just to pay a few bills.
Some argue that at the very least he ought to take a look around the house and fix a few things that are no longer working. Maybe even do a clean-up.
Guess he would rather just sit down inside the house and peep through the curtains to see if anyone is coming.
It would not come as a surprise if he gets something in the mail that he would rather not open. Such a letter would certainly force him to leave the kitchen sink and see what is going on beyond those curtains.
Is he more frightened of the ghost or his shadow?
Deputy essential
As everyone knows, a sheriff needs a deputy – not just any deputy, but one who can ably back you up when you are out of town.
So what qualities would a sheriff be looking for?
Of course, that person must be dependable – that is someone who can do the job in your absence and who commands the respect of the other lawmen.
That someone must also be loyal, standing by your side through thick and thin and making you look good.
So who would you choose if you were in a position to appoint your second man?
Some say it should be a don of sorts, in good health, of course, who fears no one and is always ready to draw his gun at any sign of trouble.
Others argue that it should be a man who can manage the finances of the office and is also handy with a gun.
Others say only a tourist would not know what was going on since a letter has already been sealed and signed and will soon be delivered.