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PUDDING & SOUSE – Hell breaking loose in church

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Hell breaking loose in church

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WHAT?the hell is happening at a certain church?
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that the organist, the co-director, the choir secretary, the choir treasurer, and the assistant treasurer were all fired recently by either email or delivered letters. 
Church members are not happy about this situation, and many are refusing to take communion on Sundays. Members of the choir have since withdrawn their ministry and now sit in the congregation, having no intentions of returning unless their beloved organist is recalled. 
Calls are also being made for the priest in charge to be removed.
Hotter flames
When friends of a well-known businessman thought things could not get any worse for him, lightning has struck him for the third time.
On this occasion, his non-national girlfriend stole not only one but three big boxes of silver dollars he had stashed away for a rainy day.
Now she is telling him to get a DNA?test because the daughter he has loved and supported may not be his. 
However, his friends are wondering if he has any money left to pay for the test.
Shameless guard
Colleagues are just sick and fed up of a certain guard, who professes to be a child of God, but walks around making their lives miserable.
He loves to create a noise in the workplace and seems to get off by slandering other people. If he realizes that he can’t control someone, watch out; he targets that person until he destroys them.
His other strategy is to align himself with the new staff members so that he can recruit them to participate in his dirty deeds.
The workplace has become so contaminated that staff members have been constantly asking for him to be transferred. 
One would think that he would try to change his ways realizing that he is public enemy No. 1 one but far from it: he has gone from bad to worse and is still proclaiming that he is a Christian.
Cougar ‘doing bad’
There is a cougar on the loose operating in a south coast restaurant.
This middle-aged woman is running down all the young boys she is working with. She is sleeping with a young porter even though she is old enough to be his mother.
People are shocked about her behaviour because she is married to a big-up, who does not have a clue what is going on, because he is still sending her flowers and wine, which she obviously shares with her young lovers.
This woman also has a daughter who is about the same age as the young men she sleeps with. People want to know if she is going through midlife crisis. 
They want her to stop embarrassing herself and her family and get her life together.
Blue vex
A group of persons who are involved in top-level security are hopping mad because they were not recognized for their good work back in 2005.
They feel hurt and upset that one segment received individual awards while they have not been given so much as a thank you, even though they put their lives on the line.
But don’t expect these hard-working men and women to retaliate. They are so professional that they have vowed not to get sidetracked by what they believe to be blatant disrespect for them by those in authority.
They say they will continue to ensure that all gates are locked so that those in authority can continue to have a good sleep at night.