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Montserrat’s new Governor sworn in

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Montserrat’s new Governor sworn in

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BRADES, Montserrat – Chief Minister Reuben Meade has said the tenure of Montserrat’s new Governor, Adrian Davis, must be one of partnership and mutual respect.
Davis was sworn into office by Attorney General James Woods during a special sitting of the Legislative Council.
Meade, speaking during the brief ceremony, said the goal of Montserrat’s sustainable development needs to be guided by integrity and fairness. Opposition Leader  Victor James said he hoped the Governor’s experience gained while working in Asia would be beneficial to the British Overseas Territory, while the Speaker, Sarita Francis, said the challenging natural and global environment will not make the road ahead for Montserrat easier.
In his remarks, Davis, whose appointment was announced a year ago, said his desire would be transparent and open and to that end would hold monthly news conferences.
He said his overriding priority is to work with Chief Minister Meade and the island needs to take its place within the international community.
He said the Soufriere volcano, which has been erupting for a number of years now, should no longer define the future of the British Overseas Territory and that the message should be that Montserrat is safe and open for business. (CMC)