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LIME, BCCI to hook up City WiFi

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LIME, BCCI to hook up City WiFi

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LIME and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) are partnering on a BDS$1.3 million Wi-Fi project for the City of Bridgetown and its environs. 
The two organisations sealed the agreement last Thursday at an official signing ceremony held at the BCCI’s Braemar Court officein Deighton Road, St Michael.  
This five-year deal also includes a contribution by LIME to the Bridgetown Revitalisation Initiative as well as a contribution to the beautification aspect of the initiative. 
LIME’s provision of 100 WiFi points will offer low-cost and easily accessible connectivity in high-traffic locations to ensure maximum potential use. The coverage areas on the outskirts of The City span as far north as Kensington Oval and as far south as the Hilton Hotel.
Alex McDonald, managing director of LIME Barbados, affirmed his company’s commitment to build a public wireless network in a phased manner that will ultimately move the country in the direction of access for all. 
McDonald said, “This collaboration underscores LIME’s ongoing support for the BCCI and the Government’s efforts to realise, among other things, increased commerce in Bridgetown. 
“It is a proud moment for us as a local business to be able to provide the infrastructure that gives Barbados the distinction of having the first capital city and cruise port in the Caribbean with a ubiquitous WiFi network in place – a positive stride for the country in the development of its tourism sector.”  
BCCI executive director Lisa Gale said, “The Chamber is very pleased to see this aspect of the project realised, since LIME and BCCI were in discussion fromas early as April 2010 seekingways to transform Bridgetown into a City of diversity. 
“This project therefore sets the tone for other projects all geared towards making Barbados more attractive to locals, visitors and investors alike. 
“The Government of Barbados, through the Tourism Development Corporation, must also be lauded for making this partnership a reality. 
“Bridgetown is expected to gain further prominence if Barbados’ bid for Bridgetown to be admitted as a UNESCO World Heritage site is successful,” she added.
After the launch, any person with a WiFi-capable device within the coverage range will be able ­to connect to the LIME-powered WiFi network with ease. 
Once connected, the company’s portal platform will not only remotely manage the customer’s mode of payment, but also record the duration of the Internet session and any available credit to be applied on subsequent visits. This is all in an effort to ensure that from log-on to log-off, users can enjoy a seamless wireless experience. (PR)