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Party girl no good

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Party girl no good

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Dear Christine,
My son is involved with a girl I do not appreciate very much. She has a child, likes to party a lot, has tattoos, and is always dressed in something short and revealing.
My son was raised in the church and to praise God. I feel that at 24 he should be seeking to get involved with a decent church girl, and be thinking of getting married and starting a family.
I have spoken to him and all he does is listen. But he seems unable to walk away from this girl as they have been together for more than six months now. How can I get him to see what is best for him?
– Worried mum
Dear Worried Mum,
You have told him your fears and outlined your aspirations for him. It is now up to him to decide what he wants to do. At 24 he is an adult and is capable of making his own decisions.
As a mother, it is understandable you want the best for your child. But you can’t decide for him whom he should or should not be involved with. I suggest you butt out of his business and leave him to decide his next move.
– Christine