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‘Help keep youth off drugs’

Mike King

‘Help keep youth off drugs’

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MINISTER OF EDUCATION Ronald Jones wants parents and teachers to strive to keep children away from narcotics.
Jones made this call yesterday at the opening of a playing field for more than 600 students at West Terrace Primary School. 
“The more of our children we are able to keep away from negative influences, the better for our schools, the better for our communities, the better for our families, and the better for our nation,” Jones said.
Before an audience that included Member of Parliament (MP) for St James South Donville Inniss, in whose constituency the area falls, and school principal Ovid Gibbs, Jones warned about the dangers of drugs.
“A keen sportsperson avoids the pitfalls and dangers of the use of mind-altering substances. We have a few outstanding athletes who have fallen victim to the use and abuse of drugs. In our country, there are several young persons who are fighting verbally and physically with their parents because today’s generation has accepted the use of what we refer to generically as dope.
“Several of our young people in our middle class and working class homes are affected by the use of marijuana,” he said.
Jones said the playing field would cost taxpayers just under $60 000 ($54 000) and added that the perimeter could be used by residents of nearby areas such as West Terrace, Oxnards and Husbands.
Meanwhile Inniss said the facility would first be for West Terrace students, but after school hours, it would cater to residents from nearby districts.
“I want the children here to make full use of the field, and not only when physical education classes are on. Feel free to romp and run,” said Inniss, adding that the facility would enrich the bodies and minds of those who use it.
Principal Gibbs said there was much exuberance “because our school now has a playing field to call its own”.
Games master Roderic Harmon said open spaces like the new playing field were very important from the viewpoint that there was a need to continue to provide opportunities for people to get moving and to stay active.