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Market cuts power bill

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Market cuts power bill

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R.L. Seale & Company Limited has installed an energy saving solar system at its Tudor Bridge People’s Market that will help it cuts its electricity bill by more than $30 000 a year.
The company’s chairman, Sir David Seale, says the system consists of 24 skylights that not only vent hot air to keep the 20 000 square-foot building cool, but also let in so much sunlight that the electric lights can be switched off during the day.“
This is the second major step we have taken to conserve energy in the operation,” he says. 
“The first step was to install huge ceiling fans throughout that have allowed us to keep shoppers cool without having to use air conditioning.”
Sir David says these “green” initiatives at the People’s Market are not only good for the environment but also good for shoppers’ wallets.
“When you can control overhead costs, it gives you a lot more flexibility in your pricing.” (PR)