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Nation lends support

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Nation lends support

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The Primary School yearbook has come on board as a sponsor of a community initiative entitled Preparation For 11+ In The City.
This programme was established by The Sanctuary Empowerment Centre to ensure that needy children living near the church are well equipped for the upcoming Common Entrance Examination.
Lessons began in March and will continue through April, with the church being the meeting point for students and teachers.
There are about 20 children in the programme and they were selected with the assistance of the St Mary’s and Wesley Hall Primary Schools.
Project manager Anthony Greene, a member of the church, is confident that the project will be successful.
“I know that many needy children will benefit. In preparation for Common Entrance, many parents pay for extra lessons for their children.We at Sanctuary are aware that not all parents are able to do so and we hope that by providing these free lessons that we can give every child an equal opportunity . . . .”
Nation Publishing Company marketing executive Valerie Hope echoed sentiments similar to Greene’s: “We are very pleased to offer our support to this worthwhile programme under our Primary School Yearbook brand . . . . We hope our involvement will ensure that they are better equipped to handle both the pressure and academic requirements of the examination and can go on to achieve stellar results.”