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Rihanna local concert long overdue

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Rihanna local concert long overdue

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Some Barbadians believe it is about time Rihanna stages a concert in her homeland.
Many agreed with newly appointed chairman of the Barbados Tourism Authority Adrian Elcock who said yesterday that Rihanna must be given the opportunity to perform in Barbados.
“We have to have a relationship with Rihanna. Rihanna has to do a concert in Barbados at some point in time under my tenure” he said.
We asked our online readers to give their views and many posted their comments on the Nation’s Facebook page.
Aubry Padmore: “Mr. Elcock is absolutely correct”
Antone Williams: “Yes, please do. I would love that – a diehard fan here”.
Sue Barker: “It really is about time she does, for both visitors and locals!”
KariDee Johnson: “Long overdue Rihanna”.
Lisa Taylor: “All I have to say is where and when and I will be there”.
Elcock said he also regretted  the negative attitude of many Barbadians towards Rihanna.
“I don’t know why our Bajan Princess Rihanna gets bashed so much”.
Some believe this is one of the reasons why Rihanna has not performed here.
Ingrid Drakes: “Why should she [perform]? All the negatively that we as Bajans give her, she should not”
Leanne Fisher said: “Maybe if she finally comes home and puts on a concert for her people the negativity would stop. Many Bajans feel that they have been abandoned by her and that is where this negativity comes from?”
Cheryl Graham: “How sad Bajans living in Bim would not embrace our home girl”. (CM)