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FLYING FISH & COU COU – An ace in the pack

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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COU?COU was told that a certain man who is known not to mince his words spoke frankly at a recent gathering, and what he said and how he said it left some of his usually vociferous colleagues speechless.
He let it be known that he is one who is slow to anger but who will soon have his say about everything.
This general made it clear that though some may not treat him with the same respect given to others who had the posts, he had his style and was going to stick to it. 
In a speech punctuated by quips and quotes, the chief eyeballed his colleagues and let them know that, like a predecessor, he has the trump card.
Since Cou Cou heard this from no pal of the chief, we sent someone to do some sniffing and it was reported that what we were hearing seemed to be what had actually happened.
Our investigator told us that we can look forward to interesting times ahead in this camp, as the sideshow in another place is all but settled.
Stop hiding out
Heard about the big meeting that took place at a certain melting pot last Wednesday?
Well, from all reports, big-ups within the grouping have grown weary and wary of the constant peeping from behind the curtain of a certain individual and are demanding that he come out of the house, show his face and make some decisions.
They say his stewardship has started to be called into question and it could well impact on the goodwill of the public the next time they are asked to show their hands.
Guess everyone is getting tired of too much froth in the beer.
Promotion in order?
Many argue about him, but the fact of the matter is that he believes he has the balls to become a general of sorts next August.
Having risen through the ranks of a young brigade, he, however, faltered when given the job of providing the leadership in a certain St Michael riding and also fell behind when given chores in a certain house.
But he believes he is the man for a certain job. Forget what happened in the north and the east, he insists.
However, in these trying times, loyal servants are seeking experience and persons who are tried and tested. They believe this upstart will stand a better chance in Pilgrim Road than on a certain street.
A light in the dark
On many a day he shares lashes, but when it comes to nighttime vision, he has certainly fallen down.
For while having recovered from one dull night when nothing could be seen, he now finds himself struggling to see the light during an even darker night on a terrace in the west.
In the meantime, a beehive has formed that could pose a major threat to the very fabric of the island’s culture.
No longer goodbye
Just when many were getting ready to say goodbye to a certain politico, the individual has suddenly reappeared in public.
Maybe it has to do with a certain $700 buyout that recently took place.
In any event, this individual was due for an annual check-up – having missed those scheduled over the past two years.