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Gaddafi ‘cluster bombing Misrata’

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Gaddafi ‘cluster bombing Misrata’

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LIBYA – Pro-government forces in Libya have been accused by a human rights campaign group of using cluster bombs, which are banned by more than 100 countries.
Human Rights Watch said one of its photographers saw three mortar-launched projectiles explode over a residential area of Misrata, in western Libya.
A government spokesman denied the allegation, calling for more evidence.
New attacks by government troops have been reported in Misrata, the only western city still in rebel hands.
One resident, Aous, told the BBC he had seen indiscriminate bombing and shooting from 0630 (0330 GMT) today.
“I listened to bombing and shooting everywhere. And I saw smoke going up just a few metres from my house.
“The shooting was random in this area – there are families here. They didn’t make a difference between any houses, just shooting.”
As well as cluster munitions there have been a number of reports that Libyan forces are using the Soviet-designed Grad rocket system in their bombardment of Misrata.
The Grad, which launches multiple rockets from mobile launchers, has been blamed for a number of civilian deaths in recent days, including eight people in a bread queue. Reuters news agency reported large numbers of Grads fired into Misrata today. (CNN)