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SECRETS’ CORNER – Men like the chase

Sanka Price

SECRETS’ CORNER – Men like the chase

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MEN are often described by women as “weak” – that is, incapable of resisting the charms or attention of most women.
Whether men are married or in a committed relationship, whether they are rich, middle-class or poor, Christians or fete men, the fear of many a partner is that her man will stray because something in his DNA makes him unable to ignore a woman who offers herself to him.
Though many men may disagree with this broad-brush approach, the reality is that throughout the centuries men have strayed to pursue their lustful pleasures. Why they tend to do this was what one married man wanted to know. That’s why he asked: Why do you think a man has an outside woman? Are some men driven to this by their nagging, unappreciative wives, or is it something instinctive?
 The overwhelming response to this question, especially by women, suggests that this must be one of the top talking points among women. 
Some of those who called and emailed were biting in their comments, and the bitterness which came out gave the impression that they had been hurt by their man.
“Men are mindless dogs who tend to let the smallest part of their body rule the rest of it,” said one woman.
“I know supposedly intelligent men and other men who are just average, and if it is one thing they all have in common it is their inability to see a pretty woman and not want to interfere with her. All men are the same when it comes to that,” she said.
One man, like a voice crying in the wilderness, offered the view that married women are not as passionate about sex as they should be and they are always complaining about something – and that is why their husbands stray because they want excitement in their lives and no nagging.
For me, men only stray when they are not satisfied with their partners at home. The reality is that some wives and long-term partners take their relationship and the man for granted, and stop doing many of the little things that turned him on through the years.
Of course, to be fair to women, many men similarly ignore their partners and wouldn’t expect them to cheat on them for it.
The bottom line here is that both men and women need to discuss their feelings about the state of their relationship more. Such frank, honest talks would be the best way to keep their romance alive and kicking.
The following are the edited responses: 
-“There may be cases of the nagging, unappreciative wife, but there are also men who cannot desist from chasing skirts. As it’s said, ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’. If he’s accustomed to running around when she is his girlfriend, he won’t suddenly stop. The marriage ends up being a farce as both parties keep it going so that those outside looking on would deem it a good one.” 
-“A man has an outside woman because the one on the inside is a nagger, because if he stays out too long, it is a problem. Now the side woman welcomes him with open arms because she knows how to love him and not nag him.” 
-“Most men have an outside woman because something is missing in their marriage, and the other woman provides it, whether it be sex, love respect, or simply having someone to listen to them. Of course, there are men who just do it for the sake of doing it.” 
-“A first encounter between a man and woman causes a level of excitement that soon wears off, sometimes in a matter of months. In successful marriages this should ideally be replaced by a level of affection, appreciation and shared experiences that no outside woman can compete with. Some men, however, become addicted to that first pulse-pounding excitement that accompanies the chase and capture. It is easy for such men to stray once things start to go wrong in the slightest way in the marriage, rather than try to repair a relationship.” 
-“They need to boost their manhood and reassure themselves that they’ve still got it. They don’t know that the women out there fool them. God help them!” 
-“The wife just isn’t physically appealing anymore or sex at home is boring, They cheat because they can.”