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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – Look’ beyon our shores

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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – Look’ beyon our shores

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Dear Nesta,
De weeks passin’ so fas’, yuh cyahn tell yuh elbow from yuh posterior. T’ree days from now, it is de Easter weeken’ an’ as soon as Easter gone t’rough de door, y’know Crop Over lookin’ to come in. But how you, doh? I hey, tryin’ muh bes’.   
I jes’ realise de “big day” fuh Engelant comin’ up. April 29th is de weddin’ day fuh Prince William an’ ’e bride, ent. B’looka how time does fly, neh? Wuh, I well remember watchin’ ’e parents’ weddin’ ’pon TV all dem ‘ears ago, an’ now it is he turn. 
Dem two been livin’ togedduh fuh some while now, an’, as I been readin’ in one o’ de papers you sen’ muh, is ‘bout time duh decide to mek it “legal”. Royal or not, dem been livin’ like any ethuh modern-day young person. I don’ feel de Queen approve, but she jes’ got to “grin an’ bear it”.
I sure Princess Di lookin’ on from wheyevuh she is, smilin’ an’ feelin’ good to see how t’ings turnin’ out fuh she big son. I  en much to do wid all dis bizness o’ kings an’ queens an’ high livin’, but sometimes I still gi’e a t’ought to wevver or not William gine get choose as de nex’ King ’stead o’ Prince Charles who seem to be waitin’ fuhevuh.
Neffin don’ seem to go ’gainst de Queen, an’ considerin’ how long she mudduh live, when time come fuh change, Charles might only be good fuh a rockin’ chair, an’ de country might prefer William to tek charge. But as I say, dah is dem bizness soul, dah “high science” en got one t’ing to do wid me. You livin’ up dey, so it should interes’ you far mo’ dan me. De local TV station lookin’ fuh comp’nies to sponsor de weddin’ ‘pon TV. I doubt it would be a problem, ’cause wuh better time to advertise duh producks dan when duh got a “captive audience”. 
Comp’nies dat turnin’ out souvenirs fuh de occasion, got to be cornin’ money, ’cause mos’ people gine want somet’ing to remember de “Weddin’ o’ de Cent’ry”. Ef yuh could get a mug or somet’ing so fuh muh, keep it ‘til yuh come down.  
De duty I might ha’ to pay could turn out to be mo’ dan de cos’ o’ de mug, so I en wanta tek no chances. I en got to tell yuh dese high duties is one reason fuh de high cos’ o’livin’ we facin’.  
My boy Obama always in de news dese days. To start, I see he en get a Royal invite to de weddin’, aldoh as President o’ de great U. S. o’ A., I t’ought dah was he entitlement, but de reason appear to be de high cos’ fuh security arrangements durin’ de presidential visit, an’ anyway, ’e due to visit Engelant shortly after. Some reason!
Nex’, it look as ef somebody or bodies wukkin’ overtime to mek sure he turn out to be a “one-term president”. De fault-finders tryin’ to spread all manner o’ negative news ’bout dat man, an’ it mus’ affeck he approval ratin’s.  
He facin’ a on-goin’ battle wid dem Republicans – it nearly lead to a shutdown o’ de country las’ week – an’ dah gine las to election time nex’ year. As ef dah wasn’ enuff, it appear Donald Trump, wid all e’ millions, won’ min’ tekkin’ ovuh as president. 
He suddenly rise up, tryin’ to fin’ a birf suhtificate showin’ Obama en born in Amurica, so legally, ’e got no right to be president. I guess he should be! Wid 2012 elections not dah far off, he startin’ to mek waves!  I en know wuh nex’ Amuricans gine t’row at Mr Obama, faif!  Talk ‘bout problems? Dah po’ man got mo’ dan ’e fair share!   
Happy Easter!
Tek care o’ yuhself Yuh frien’ Babsie