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Litter cops on patrol

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Litter cops on patrol

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There will be no littering at the four schools and communities in the St Michael North West constituency, if the young “litter police” have their way.
Yesterday, as the area’s Constituency Council launched its Litter-Free Environment campaign at St Stephen’s Primary School, close to 50 students vowed to help keep their school and communities clean.
Council chairman Dale Clarke, in launching the campaign, said that when the project was conceptualized the response from principals, teachers and students was heartening.
Clarke, who wants to see the campaign adopted by the other 29 constituency councils, said the plans include building garbage catchments at Deacon’s Primary School and Eagle Hall Primary.
He spoke of billboards to go up throughout the constituency to increase awareness of the littering problem; specially marked garbage cans to be placed at schools to encourage recycling; an essay and poster competition; and a tour to B’s Recycling Plant.
The chairman asked his “litter police” to extend their vigilance to their communities.
He said he wanted Barbados to be the best and cleanest place on earth.
“Do not view yourselves as the litter police for your specific schools alone, but be one for your respective communities as well,” he said.
Minister of the Environment Denis Kellman told students he was glad that the Constituency Council had seen the needed to train children and adults on the importance of keeping their surroundings clean.
He said the success of the programme depended on the partnership with and participation of the community, the public and the private sector. (CT)