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DEAR CHRISTINE: I like her so much I’m in a trance

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: I like her so much I’m in a trance

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Dear Christine,
I have a very serious problem and it is really making me feel down.
I really like this person and everyone tells me that I am in a trance. Sometimes I am so caught up in my emotions that I just sit and wonder.
There will come a time when this person has to leave the location where she is at now, and I think that she will completely forget I even exist.
I have no idea what to do about this and would like your advice please.
Thank you in advance.
– A
Dear A,
It sounds to me that you have a crush on this lady. Ordinarily, I would have advised you to try to take her aside and speak to her quietly about how you feel.
However, I cannot suggest that here as you have given me so few details.
I do not know your ages, if she is your boss, if she is married, if you two have ever spoken about your feelings for each other or any details to make an informed suggestion.
I note, though, that those around you seem to realize you are hooked on this woman. Depending on the grapevine where you work, she probably has heard of your interest.
If you are not sure of what she feels for you and really want to talk to her, you can try to engage her in light conversation and take it slow from there.
The more you two speak the more you’ll find out what she really thinks about you.
Good luck.
– Christine