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DEAR CHRISTINE: Young women beware skirt-chasers in home

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Young women beware skirt-chasers in home

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Dear Christine,
I want to let young women who are looking for a job in a nursing home to be very careful about applying to a certain one in the south of the island.
I want them to know that one of the key people there tries to get under the skirt of every worker and if he can’t, he looks for ways to get rid of them.
I would like the employers at that place to stop looking at the workers as thieves because they work very hard on that 12-hour shift every day.  
– Yours truly
Dear Yours Truly,
Much of your letter was not carried because you clearly identified the home and we cannot substantiate your charges.
However, your letter highlighted the fear of sexual harassment some women still encounter in their workplaces.
If you are the target of any untoward advances or threats of dismissal for refusing requests for sexual favours, I would urge you to make a report to the Bureau of Gender Affairs and the police so that your complaint can be thoroughly investigated and, if possible, the individual made to pay for the wrongdoing.
I know you may not want to say anything to jeopardize your employment, but no woman should be forced to work in fear because of a supervisor or owner’s threats. This is slackness and no woman in Barbados should have to tolerate this degrading treatment in this day and age.
– Christine