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HOME GROWN: Time to take care of our planet

Suzanne Griffith

HOME GROWN: Time to take care of our planet

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This year, Earth Day coincides with Good Friday; perhaps it is for that reason that I haven’t noted the announcement in the media of many Earth Day related activities.
Events such as Earth Day, and the more recent Earth Hour, certainly act to raise awareness on an annual basis of our responsibility as inhabitants of planet Earth.
As stewards of the planet, we likely fell short when we were reminded on Monday that: “Hey, Earth Day is on Friday . . .” and that commenced a mad scramble to strategize a celebration in honour and acknowledgement of the magnificent sphere that we call home.
Should we send e-cards to all of our friends, proclaiming Happy Earth Day, or wear green and blue socks? Better yet, let me not forget to post Earth Day greetings on Mother Earth’s Facebook Page; I am certain that she has one.
Interestingly, Earth Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1970 as a Teach-In; a day dedicated to introducing matters of the environment in American schools. This year marks 41 years  of Earth Days.
We as humans seem to pick and chose that which is important, Valentine’s Day we would never forget, but somehow attention to our planet fails to extend through the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, that Mother Earth deserves.
Keep our fingers crossed that she doesn’t get fed up with our mistreatment of her and take a holiday!
Indisciminate disposal of garbage, failure to recycle that which we can, beyond excessive emissions, over dependence on chemical based pesticides, pollution of waterways, deforestation, illegal dumping, lack  of regard for finite resources such as water; these acts against our environment occur 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, many of them, right here in our little corner of Mother Earth.
Awareness and action originate in our youth; it is our responsibility as parents, educators, coaches, and caregivers to get matters of the environment on the tip of the tongues of our youth.
Ask a young person their favourite song, and see how quickly the lyrics flow, but ask them five ways we can be responsible stewards of our environment and you may be waiting for a while.
It’s time for a change.