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Murders impact on image

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Murders impact on image

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HAMILTON, Bermuda – Governor of this British Overseas Territory, Sir Richard Gozney, is warning that the number of murders committed here over the past two years could affect the island’s reputation.
Earlier this week, 26-year-old David Clarke, became the third foreigner kileld here over the past two years.
The murder of Clarke, a Barbados-born national follows that of Jamaica
Prior to that, Trinidadian Marcus Gibbings was stabbed to death outside an apartment in October 2006 and Canadian teenager Rebecca Middleton was raped and killed in July 1996.None of the murders has been solved.
“The murder of anyone in Bermuda, Bermudian or other, is a shocking event. I am appalled by each murder and I believe that the vast majority of Bermudians feel the same. My condolences and sympathy go to the family of Mr David Clarke,” said Sir Richard.
“The series of murders of the last two years in Bermuda is bound to risk the island’s reputation, foremost with Bermudians themselves, and also with foreigners here and with foreigners living abroad who hear about them.
“The risk to reputation has to rise further when foreigners are victims, in particular when they are bystanders caught in the cross-fire as I understand was the case, for example, with Mr Lynch,” Sir Richard said.
But there have been several successful prosecutions in gun cases recently with eight men convicted in the past year.
The British government Governor said that he hoped “that all who are concerned, in Bermuda and abroad, are also noting the success of Bermuda’s police, prosecutors and courts in convicting those using guns, and the copious efforts of the many agencies of the Bermuda government and non-governmental organisations and churches which are trying to tackle the underlying causes.
“They all deserve our strong support,” he added. (CMC)