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I CONFESS – Plucked from the pit

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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A CONFESSION is, by definition, an admission of guilt. You disclose your sins and open yourself to judgement. I am ready to admit my wrongdoing and let the public have their say.
I am doing this because I have been born again in the blood of Jesus. With his blood to protect and strengthen me, I want to reveal what is really going on in this country that people keep concealing.
I lived by selling my body. I did it for only about four months, but it was the most horrible time of my life. I never knew people could be so nasty to one another. I had unspeakable things done to me for cash. 
I did those things because I did not care about myself. I had reached the bottom of the pit and felt there was no point trying to get back up only to fall back down again. So I did those things because I thought no one would ever care about me. I figured if I was treated badly enough I would die and be put out of my misery. 
I stopped selling my body after a kind gentleman and his wife talked sense into me and helped me to see the light. The first time they tried talking to me I cursed them. But, like the Father, they did not give up. They kept passing back and trying to get me to think about what I was doing to myself.
I thank Jesus that they decided I was worth saving because the night they finally persuaded me to go with them, a girl was beaten up – it could have been me. I went with them that night because I was hungry and I wanted to sleep. They took me to their place, fed me, allowed me to clean up myself and gave me a bed for the night.
All I had to do was to listen to them. I didn’t that night, though, because I fell asleep. But two nights later they were on me again. That’s when I listened. What they said to me changed my life. They made me realize that the Father cares and forgives all for our sinful ways. They opened my eyes to realize that they were actually people who are willing to do things for another human being and want nothing in return.
I am a better person today for taking the time to listen to these two wonderful people. Now, I am no longer living a worthless existence. I am trying to make something of my life and encourage others who sell their bodies to realize that that is a sure way to everlasting torment. 
Though that is something I want people to understand, that is not my main point. My reason for talking is to alert people to how and why individuals can go astray like I did. In my case it was because my aunt’s husband used to “trouble” me, and though I complained to my aunt, whom I lived with, she never believed me.
It got to the point that I did not care about myself anymore and started doing things with men for money. When my aunt found out and put me out, I had to survive by doing whatever was asked of me to ensure that I had somewhere to sleep and to get something to eat. 
I am not proud of how I survived, but I cannot run away from my past. I did what I did. But now, with God’s guidance, I intend to make something worthwhile of my life. 
So, people, when your girl children complain about someone troubling them, listen. Even if you may not want to believe it, that does not mean it’s not happening. Help your girls or risk them ceasing to care about themselves and starting to do ungodly things.