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Kimtara Clarke never uses the word regret

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Kimtara Clarke never uses the word regret

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What is your greatest childhood memory? Beach days with the family. I was fortunate enough to have one large family and my grandparents lived on the beach. Summer vacations and weekends were the best with the cousins, enjoying Barbados’ best natural resources – sun, sea and sand. Great times were had, roasting breadfruits and fish on the beach, picnics under the moon with stories like that of the Steel Donkey and other local tales I hope aren’t long forgotten. Playing Wari and fishing on the water’s edge. Those days I wouldn’t trade for anything. That’s a part of who I am, where I’m from and the culture of Barbados.
What is your most fabulous moment? That would have to be the birth of my children. I have three  beautiful kids. They are the driving force behind my every move. Being a mum is the greatest job in the world, with the best rewards and that makes everyday the most fabulous moment in time.
What keeps me passionate? Giving back.Three years ago I started the Girlfriends Foundation with my husband Paul, who shares my passion for helping others. We built the Girlfriends Foundation because we recognized that women are the root of society. They are the mothers of tomorrow and they are raising the leaders of the future. Keeping them focused and inspired is our mission.
My biggest regret is . . . Regret is a strong word, and I’m not sure I would say I have one, but I would agree that I’ve made mistakes and I have learnt from my experiences, whether good or bad. I believe that being more vocal with your opinions is one thing we must share and I think if I had said and done more in my earlier days it would have saved a lot of time and energy. I teach my kids to speak what they feel for that reason.  Expression of self is one of the most important aspects of their development and a successful future.
The person who has made the biggest impact on my life? One person . . . [It’s] impossible for me to choose one. I have different people in different aspects of my development, who have all contributed to the person I am today. My mum did an awesome job with a very difficult child. My dad I admire for his strength and support in my life. My big sister Karen has been a great guide on my path to adulthood, my eldest aunt has been an extremely supportive individual in following my dreams, my mother-in-law who keeps me spiritually grounded, my husband the greatest support, on hand with the execution of every new venture and my baby sister Keisha was the first to show me what love really was.
A life-changing moment happened when . . . I entered secondary school. I left a small, private-owned primary school Merrivale Preparatory Primary (Mrs Carrington) and entered the then Roebuck Secondary, later named The Louis Lynch Secondary School. It was a big culture shock for me and set me straight very fast.There was no more hand-holding, and for the first time I realized how large the world was and how small my position in it was. But it taught me to adjust very fast and gave me my first true lesson of standing on my own and standing out as an individual. 
My most treasured possession is family. For me, treasured possession is best summarized as the 4 P’s: Paul, Paul Michael, Parys, Paiden. They are the reason tomorrow is worth doing it all over again. 
How did I ever exist without . . . my mobile office. In addition to being a phone, it’s my office, my diary, my alarm. It keeps me on track with the children’s routines, my meetings and is the main method of finding me 24 hours a day. It’s never turned off.
What I love most about myself now is . . . my resilience and my persistence. The fact that I never give up. When I’m passionate about something I find a way, no matter how long it takes.