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PUDDING & SOUSE – He’s only a financial prop

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PUDDING & SOUSE – He’s only a financial prop

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A WELL KNOWN MAN who was walking around bragging about his love for a young woman he recently met got the shock of his life when he was shown a text message which she sent out calling him a friend with benefits.
Apparently, this young, sexy, brown-skinned girl wrote a text to her best friend telling her that she was only using the man for his money and to be seen in his big ride but she could not stand him touching her. She also called him old and ugly and said the smell of his breath was enough to knock her out.
No one knows who sent the text to the man but word is that when he read it, he almost collapsed.
His friends are now wondering if he will ever show his face again at the popular bar where he usually hangs out on evenings. They are saying that as a middle-aged man he should never have let this giddy-headed young girl use him and then bad-talk him like that.
Security predator
There is a security guard who is causing bare havoc among the female guards at the workplace.
It appears that he is constantly harassing all the women by trying to get them to sleep with him. The women have made several complaints to management about his uncouth behaviour and some have even had their lawyers send him warning letters, but the only discipline he receives is to get transferred from one place to the next, where he continues his predatory behaviour.
He was even overheard boasting that the company cannot touch him because he has information which can bring it down.
The poor women want to know if this is why management is sitting back and letting him do as he pleases. They want to know what would happen if one of these women brings a sexual harassment case against this guard and the company.
A true ‘bouncer’
A businessman who drives a big ride has become persona non grata at a certain gas station.
Management has posted notices on every gas point at the station with his name, address, company’s name and his car’s registration number, informing gas attendants that cheques will no longer be accepted from him.
Word has it that he has left a long trail of bounced checks behind after filling up with gas.
Wrong time and place
 The woman who was making a big noise with her man because he would not take her dancing the same weekend that his brother was being buried needs to check herself and know that there is a time and place for everything.
No wonder she was not allowed to sit at the front with the man and his family at the funeral, while his ex-wife stole the spotlight by behaving like a lady in mourning.
Heads will roll
When a certain investigation is completed, some big heads will certainly roll.
There has been one casualty so far, but everyone is waiting to see who next will follow.
Fingers are already being pointed at a certain individual and it will certainly send people to the law books to determine if that person is untouchable or not.
In any case, it is left to be seen if the person will jump, like his accomplice, or be pushed. Whatever happens, this is one that will definitely rock the legal system in Barbados.
Eating his words
Is it true that a certain man has let his bombastic girlfriend off the hook?
Is it true that he went to a certain place recently and declared that he was backing down from his accusations?
His friends cannot believe that he would do such a thing after this woman caused him and his family such embarrassment and anguish.
They want to know if he is so bewitched behind this woman or if he did it because he fears what she will say about their bedroom business.