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MAN TO WOMAN: Are you saying she’s a gold-digger?

Carol-Ann Tudor

MAN TO WOMAN: Are you saying she’s a gold-digger?

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A fine dark brother was telling me the other day that he met this new woman and was trying to chat her up. In less than three days, she was telling him that her phone needed a top-up. He believes Bajan women are too needy, but I know they are quite a few who are very independent. Yes, there are a few bad apples in the bunch that spoil our good image, but is it true that Bajan women feel men should support them??
Controversy – I hate needy, cheap women! When a woman asks me for money so early it makes me uncomfortable and it immediately cheapens her in my eyes. I immediately brand her as one of “those” money women and start looking for the first opportunity to discard her. I don’t mind paying for dinner and drinks and everything but not giving money directly. I always start to be confused with what I am buying.My work schedule just got too busy for socializing after this date. Sorry.
Man to Woman: You don’t like giving money directly?? Go sit in the corner and stop being so controlling. And while you’re there figure out what you’re buying.  
Dexter – If that is so, most women I meet have the same problem . . . want all the time!! However, not all women are like that. I’ve met some nice ones over the years. These days some of them are some real gold-diggers. But to tell the truth, I would give her a top-up because that’s just me. Probably would even with a stranger.
Man to Woman: Pssssst!! You better hide that wallet somewhere you can’t find it, ’cause you’re a prime candidate for gold-diggers.
Mark S. – I think it depends on the upbringing, background, values and morals of the person. I have too much respect for the fight for equality that women have been pursuing and the quest to be respected as a strong, intelligent and independent persons who are capable of making the same contributions as a man. Also, the financial independence of a woman is a very attractive quality to some men. I have no problem with a man treating his woman and taking care of her at times, and making her feel special, but a woman shouldn’t come across as only interested in that. 
Man to Woman: It’s clear to me that you don’t like opening your wallet for anyone but yourself. So don’t use the equality thing to hide the fact that you’re cheap.
Mr Cool – Yes, some Bajan women believe men have to support them. They are very fast to ask for money to buy this and that . . . One of the fastest things they can ask you for is a phone card. I talk to women from around the region, but none ask for anything like my Bajan girl. Plus they don’t like to wash, cook or press..
Man to Woman: Wash, cook and press?? Sounds to me like you are looking for a maid more than anything else hon, so gold-diggers need not apply.
Dale C. – I find that more and more women are depending on men. They don’t want a man who “can’t give them something”. But what they don’t realize is that when they do that they are putting themselves at the mercy of those men. I think that women need to be more independent.
Man to Woman: I agree. There’s nothing like being independent, and women need more men like you to inspire them. 
A H – Well, if she’s interested, then a $20 top-up wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me. Bajan women and women in general “want a man to be a man” when we are getting the same jobs. The times of women not having the same opportunities as men are mostly over. I think as human beings we all like people to do nice things for us, but we should not have to push for these deeds. At the end of the day, some men are cheap and some women are gold-diggers and that is not going to change.
Man to Woman: Seems to me that you have a kind heart and would do good in your relationships. Keep it up!