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Tragedies give way to ‘Easter’

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Tragedies give way to ‘Easter’

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“The same way Good Friday gives way to Easter, whatever we are going through will eventually give way to our [personal] Easter.”
Father Clement Paul gave this message today as he mentioned local tragedies such as Campus Trendz, and international incidents such as what was happening in Japan, Haiti and Libya, urging his congregation to still believe there is an Easter.
The officiating minister at the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Bay Street, St Michael said, “People identify more with bad news than goodness but Easter is a reminder and a celebration that the bad news of sin and death is not the final reality of our lives.”
During the service Paul went among his flock to greet them as well as give a special welcome to some of his younger parishioners (from left) Jakabi Williams, Shane Carrington and Kion Bailey, much to the delight of the surrounding adults.  (CA)