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Y cries out for public aid

Lisa King

Y cries out for public aid

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The Young Men’s Christian Association’s (YMCA) Pinfold Street office is in dire need of repair.
And because of the deplorable state of the Bridgetown building with its falling ceilings, shifting steps and rotting floors, YMCA president Anthony Cave is seeking the public’s assistance to finance a full refurbishment of the facilities.
Speaking at the recent graduation ceremony for the YMCA Ballroom Club, Cave said the YMCA was looking to raise funds up to $3 million to rebuild, refurnish and restore the physical premises to a level where it could efficiently offer those programmes and services which had been the hallmark of the organization.
“Thousands of people have passed through here and it is to those people that we are now appealing,” Cave said. 
“The YMCA has become a home away from home for many; it has been a refuge of sorts from the hustles and pressures of Bridgetown as it lies just on the rim of the City centre. The younger people from surrounding districts come to play basketball; this has been the mecca of table tennis and football and has been the ground where many of Barbados’ footballers have had their first kick.”
There are plans to build a state-of-the-art facility to offer an extended range of sports inclusive of swimming.
“The building has worn its time,” Cave said. “We have a new set of drawings which will be the basis of the new structure. This [the existing building] will be demolished and replaced to go one storey higher and [we] will also utilize rooms in a basement.”
Cave said the YMCA hoped to raise the funds as soon as possible and had already set up a bank account at Barbados National Bank.