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Speak up Mr PM

Carol Martindale

Speak up Mr PM

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has come under much scrutiny from the public for his silence on national issues.
Some have made a strong call to hear him sound off on issues like the Myrie affair which has put the relationship between Barbados and Jamaica under the microscope, the rising cost of living, and the general state of affairs.
However, when Stuart broke his silence last week and spoke to the issue, he asked the public to judge him and his Government on their action.
While, most of our online readers agreed that the PM should be judged on his actions, they called for him to communicate more with Barbadians. They also said Stuart needed to be judged on his own merit as Prime Minister, and not on his predecessor.
This is what the Nation’s Facebook readers had to say.
Adrian Hinds: “Indeed action always speaks louder than words. The BLP created this issue, and now that the PM has spoken, it will be some other specious argument about him not saying enough or not saying the right things etc. The fact is that the PM could have continued his silence, The burning issues are being spoken of  by a variety of people, in Government, in Parliament, in the political parties, in the social partnerships etc. There is no shortage of comments on the burning issues”.
Adrian Cumberbatch: “Someone should tell the PM that communicating to the public is also an action. I’d like to see how he’s going to win an election without communicating.”
Piper Jordan: “The public can judge a Government by what is also not done and the things being done. At this present time by the Government  should be discussed with the public. So far there is nothing being done about high prices, less food, less gas, and less salary, so I believe that the Prime Minister should say more on these issues, because his silence proves to the public that the country is probably, as said by others, running on ‘autopilot’.”
Keisha Lord:  “I understand the PM’s statement, but he needs to also understand that when questions are being asked the worst thing to do is be silent. Silence to people comes off as you are not listening nor do you care. Even in situations where he sometimes doesn’t have the answers, giving the public the reassurance that their concerns are being looked into and dealt with is far better than you saying nothing.”
Patrick Porter:  “Too much talk never achieves anything.  As long as he does what he says he is going to do then that’s all that counts. Every person is different, some outgoing, some shy”.
Keisha wrote: “Leave the PM and let him do his job. There’s a saying, ‘Action speaks louder than words’”.
Shirnel Jackson-Yarde: “The Prime Minister of this country needs to speak to this nation. We all know he is not a David Thompson … I agree that he has his own style of leadership but all respect must be given to the people of Barbados, he needs to give us reassurance on the pressing issues. In his own defense when he responds to the comments of people about his silence he comes across as being ‘don’t carish;  I am in control and you can’t tell me what to do’. He needs to stop and let the people of the country know that he hears our sentiments and he is trying his best in the toughest of times…”.
Winston Crichlow: “Why do we seem to think that each succeeding Prime Minister is a clone of his predecessor? Come on Bajans, you know better than that”.
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