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Stuart has a full plate

Carol Martindale

Stuart has a full plate

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says his days are “quite busy” and he is not as idle as some may believe.
Detailing his responsibilities during an interview tonight on CBC, Stuart said he was also enjoying his job.
He said he was not only responsible for Defence and Security, but also for the Public Service, Town Planning, Energy and Telecommunications and Broadcasting. He said he was also responsible for Invest Barbados.
“It is a monstrous perversion of the truth to suggest that I am only responsible for Defence and Security,” he said.
Stuart said those who were of that belief were probably guided by the fact that the late Prime Minister David Thompson, had relinquished some of his responsibilities due to illness.
However, he said: “I am not nearly as idle as my detractors think I am or want me to be. My days are quite busy and I am enjoying them”, he said.