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Ban under 18s from nightclubs

Carol Martindale

Ban under 18s from nightclubs

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The plan by the St. Kitts-Nevis government to make it a criminal offence for people under 18 years to be admitted to night clubs and other entertainment spots has received a thumbs up by some Nation online readers.
When we asked our readers for their take on this new push by St Kitts, the majority were in total agreement, believing that teenagers under 18 had no right patronizing these establishments.
In fact, some even called for this to be looked at in Barbados.
In St Kitts, under the Criminal Amendment (Amendment) Bill, the owner, occupier or licencee of a night club, bar, casino or other place of adult entertainment found guilty on summary conviction shall pay a fine not exceeding EC$5,000 (US$1,851) in the case of a first offence.
A second offence will result in a fine not exceeding EC$5,000 and revocation of the business licence of that particular place or establishment. 
 The draft legislation states that it shall not be a defence for the owner, occupier or licencee to claim that he or she did not know that the person admitted to the premises was under age. To enter these spots, people will have to show a valid form of picture identification including a passport, driver’s license, national identification card or Social Security card.
This is what some of our readers had to say on this issue:
Jason Block: “This should be happening in Barbados, I see 14 and 15 year old in places here drinking rum.  Actually it should be 21 and up”.
Rosanne Brathwaite: “This shouldn’t even have to be an issue! It should already be illegal for minors to be in the clubs anyway. They aren’t old enough to drink, drive or vote so they shouldn’t be allowed entrance to the clubs. If they want to be in a club, let them join 4H!”
Professor Schwarz: “Good direction. In Germany, 16 to 18 year olds have to be at home at midnight, below 16 they have to be in at 10 p.m. Otherwise the parents get in trouble. Clubs or pubs are checked by police sometimes”
Paula Chapman:  “I think that is the way to go in BIM as well. Although i think it should be 20 and up. i hate to see children in clubs drinking and smoking. They have a lot of positive clubs like Key club, youth leaders, ISCF etc.”
Patrick Porter: “Very good idea as long as it is enforced. No under 18 should be in a night club, they will only get into trouble”.
Lisa Taylor: “ It really cheapens my experience in a club when too many young people are there. The atmosphere changes somewhat but not for the better. I strongly believe there should be an age restriction as with alcohol and now cigarettes to all who enter  these adult places.”
Patricia Callender : “I totally agree. I also think one should show I D also because some of these youngsters look older than I do”.
Paul Sivers: “It’s long overdue. Some nightclubs owners are too greedy and they let in minors while their own are at home studying or at universities overseas. I once knew of a popular party spot in lower Bay Street that used to check for identifications cards from young people. I am not sure if they still do”.