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Beenie warns immigration

Yvette Best

Beenie warns immigration

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DANCEHALL KING BEENIE MAN has a timely word of advice for the local immigration authorities.
He took a moment from his performance before a massive crowd at Brandons Beach, St Michael, for the Reggae Beach Party last Sunday night, to speak to the ongoing issue with his countrymen and local officials.
“Ease up Jamaican. Stop pressure Jamaican,” he said from the stage as he wagged his finger.
Speaking to the DAILY NATION after his explosive performance, Beenie said it was a warning, not a threat.
“Sometime you get fed up ah one ting, yuh know. ’Cause you have been all over de world and den sometime you doan really need to come to Barbados.
The immigration need to tink twice. I ‘ave friends who come over ‘ere and end up in jail fi four days fi no reason,” he stated.
He said he too had been “arrested” by local officers. He said he had issues on his last visit, but everything was cool this time around. Having said that, Beenie Man said the “vibes nice and de people dem enjoy demself and me like that. Thank you Barbados”.
Reports about Jamaicans being ill-treated have recently come into focus in the wake of accusations by Shanique Myrie that she was finger-raped while being held in Barbados last month.
Beenie said he had performed here a total of 15 times since 1992, and kept coming back because of the people.
The live wire on stage said he had been busy touring and was currently working on a new album, titled The King In Control, which is due out this summer.