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Keeping up with IT key

Natasha Beckles

Keeping up with IT key

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Chief Executive Officer and publisher of the Nation Publishing Co. Limited, Vivian-Anne Gittens, has urged administrative professionals to stay abreast of technological developments.
She was delivering the feature address last Wednesday at the Barbados Association of Office Professionals’ luncheon marking Administrative Professionals’ Day.
“I believe that in order to be equipped for the task, administrative professionals of today must stay current and relevant.
“The world of business bolstered by advancements in technology and telecommunications has led to a very dynamic operating environment which is changing constantly, and more and more rapidly,” she said during the event at Hilton Barbados.
“Since computers and the Internet were introduced and became mainstream business tools we are being forced to adapt swiftly. In this digital age you have to be more technologically savvy . . . ,” she said.
The CEO added that today’s business leaders required more in less time and there was a greater need for administrative professionals to become event planners, advisors and negotiators.
Gittens emphasized the value of confidentiality, initiative, continuous growth and development and the desire to leave a legacy.
She said office professionals needed to be able to keep up with and use efficiently various search engines, social media platforms, blogs, applications and new versions of software and hardware.
She added that networking with other professionals was “of utmost importance”.
“You can learn from each other, get tips and advice on a range of programmes and issues and . . . you can apply them to your respective organizations . . . ,” she said.