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King of the sky

Carlos Atwell

King of the sky

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The Floyd Williams kite-flying crew was back at it again for the fifth straight year.
In what has become an Easter tradition, Williams and his cousin, Neilo Mascoll, hoisted a huge kite into the air above Andrews Tenantry, St Joseph, to the wonder of a large crowd.
At 26 feet tall  – a foot taller than last year’s – the kite flew for about two minutes before it was hauled in for “modifications”.
In a telephone interview yesterday Mascoll said the effort remained a fun activity although he and crew were considering getting financial support in the future.
“Next year it will be even bigger and we may start to look for some sponsorship,” he said.
Mascoll also wished to thank the management and staff of Andrews Factory for their assistance.
Here, a group of men carry the 26-foot tall kite before its brief flight.