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FLYING FISH & COU COU – No use for ‘pretty talk’

luigimarshall, [email protected]

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WORD IS THAT a leading politico got a tongue-lashing two Sundays ago when the party faithful met at a school for the regular branch meeting.
It seems that many used the occasion to complain that this politico, who does a lot of walking, had done diddly squat to find jobs, to improve housing or provide it, and to help with education and sports in the constituency that has a number of pockets of poverty.
Cou Cou understands that one party stalwart went so far as to tell him that in three years he had managed to lose 500 votes because of his laid-back attitude, “pretty talk” and non-performance.
It was reported that the politico was almost reduced to tears by the barrage of complaints.
Insiders say the critics could not have picked a worse time (or better, depending on one’s viewpoint) to fire their salvos because the big-up who has been building houses in every nook and cranny in Barbados was there to address the gathering.
The big-up advised the beleaguered politico to go to Roebuck Street and let people there know who is boss so that he can get some work and housing ease for his suffering people.
Not all happy bunnies
IT SEEMS as though the boss man’s announcement of changes has not gone down well with some.
In fact, insiders are saying that he has unwittingly set the proverbial mongoose amongst the chickens and now has a number of people really anxious.
Some are wondering if they are going to get downsized to formally make room for the irrepressible north star that has been a beacon of hope for the party through the years. 
From what Cou Cou was told, the boss man will officially announce his deputy and will use the shift to put his long awaited stamp on things. One constant change we keep hearing about is a shift of control of the purse strings, while a couple others may lose their privileged pick altogether.
The insider who keeps Cou Cou informed said that as a decent period has elapsed since his elevation, the boss man now feels he is at a point where he can show all his detractors the stuff that he is truly made of.
Time to move on
LOUD WHISPERS from those in the know are that a political grasshopper’s appeal is on the wane and the individual may be more of a liability than an asset. 
Those making the suggestion are saying that this person should be given a big title with a fat salary in exchange for grooming someone to take over. They argue that the individual has no other option but to play ball as they have burned all their bridges.
Others higher up think the plan won’t work because the individual has a big mouth and even though their influence may be waning a bit in their area, the noise they would keep would run counter to the image the party seeks to project.
Proper placement
IT WAS high fives all around as a certain man proved again that he has the strategy to get his people in place.
Cou Cou was told this kingmaker was behind the walkabouts of one of his protégés to send a strong signal to the boss man that the individual was ready, willing, and able to get back into the saddle. And his plan worked. His man will be back.
What some people want to know is why the boss man does not listen to this image maker too so he can improve his appeal. But they realize you can’t show something to somebody who thinks they know everything.