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Beenie Man: Back to the USA?

Marlon Madden

Beenie Man: Back to the USA?

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Beenie Man, The King of the Dancehall, is on a mission.
The reggae artiste, whose given name is Moses Davis, told WE Magazine he was planning a tour of three countries starting this year and the United States would be one of them as he was expecting his US visa to be reinstated by next month.
In 2010, somewhat of an eventful year for the dancehall king, his US visa was revoked by the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica.
The dancehall king recently performed in Guyana prior to his performance in Barbados at the Reggae On The Beach event at Brandons, St Michael.
“. . . . I am going to St Maarten after I leave Barbados then I will go home and then get back a visa and go to America and then I will go to Europe and then Africa. A de plan that,” he told WE Magazine in a brief interview, the night before he performed at the beach event.
The “doctor” said he was still recovering from hip surgery about nine weeks ago and he would be trying to get as much rest as possible in between performing.
His song Rum & Red Bull is one of the latest and biggest hits in the region.