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From pest to purse

Carlos Atwell

From pest to purse

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SEVERAL ORGANISATIONS hosted market day activities yesterday.
The various events featured commodities ranging from the traditional art, craft and clothing to technology and business.
At the St James South Constituency Council open market day in West Terrace, St James, Glory Moore had a unique way of dealing with a now common pest.“This is called from pest to purse,” she said, indicating a piece of craft made primarily of Giant African Snail shells.
She and her husband Wayne Moore, make craft from local materials such as picture frames from cedar and mahogany wood.
They said they would like either Government or the private sector to help them advertise the businesses of entrepreneurs such as themselves to get the word out about what was available.Here (from left), Glory Moore showing her colourful creation to Keith Ifill and Kirk Burrows of the open market day organizing committee.