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In the red

Yvette Best

In the red

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Promoters of the big Reggae On The Hill event are seeking legal advice after the forced postponement of the show from yesterday to today.
Al Gilkes of FAS Entertainment said he expected 15 to 20 per cent fewer patrons today than would have been there yesterday, and that FAS would certainly end up “seriously” in the red as a result.
“We have sought legal advice on how it would be possible for us to at least recoup that loss, based on the fact that a decision was taken that was not in our interest and for which we had not been given any chance to represent ourselves,” Gilkes said.
He told a Press briefing yesterday was a “very unfortunate day for FAS Entertainment”.
He said his group assembled at Farley Hill to access the situation, and had decided to give a determination on whether the show would go on by midday.
“Unfortunately sometime around 8 o’clock, a member of the Disaster Emergency Management [DEM] went on radio and made a public announcement, as I said without our knowledge, without any communication with us to the effect that the show was cancelled,” Gilkes explained.
He said the postponement, which was due to a flood watch which was in place until 6 p.m. yesterday, meant that the crucial services of the police, fire, medical and other associated services were unavailable. Gilkes added that they were patrons waiting by the gates who went away disappointed.
Gilkes said all the overseas acts were still available today, and that the Meteorological Office had indicated conditions would be better for the 10 a.m. start today.
FAS apologised to those who flew in from as far as Croatia especially for yesterday’s event and would now miss it, because they were flying out today, and those others who would have been inconvenienced by the postponement.
Two hotlines have been set up on 823-5583 and 823-5589 where affected people can call to state their case, and see how they can “make amends in one form or another”.
In view of the fallout from the postponement, Gilkes said FAS would have to look at getting the pluvius insurance which covers the elements, in addition to the third party insurance which covers patrons that they currently have.
When contacted late yesterday evening, programme officer of the DEM, Simon Alleyne, insisted that his agency had consulted with FAS about the postponement. He however apologised for the “miscommunication”, adding that it would not have made sense to continue with the show with a flood warning on for the country.