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Marooned in Wotton

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Marooned in Wotton

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Flood waters rose to more than five feet at Wotton in Christ Church yesterday, trapping several distressed people in their homes.
Disaster Emergency Management (DEM) officials deemed the area one of the worst affected when persistent showers drenched the island for several hours, starting from about 3 a.m.
Residents of the close-knit community, no strangers to flooding, said it was the first time since 1983 that the water had risen so high.
Floating garbage bins and garbage bags met daring residents who waded through waist-high water to drop in on neighbours.
Several young men went from house to house in a small fibreglass boat and an even smaller plastic toy boat, with pieces of wood, shovels and rakes for oars, helping anxious residents secure household items and their vehicles – and even ferrying some to and from their homes.
Youths dived into the murky water, seeking to clear grilles and drains – but this was futile.
With drains blocked, water invaded several homes, forcing residents of two-storey houses to retreat upstairs.
A woman whose house is at the highest point in Cherry Circle said the water was just “an inch away” from entering her home. All her appliances in the garage were toppled over and her Jeep was partially submerged.
Roy Ward of the DEM hurriedly called for rescuers and reinforcements when he arrived on the scene about 9 a.m.
However, the fibreglass boat team, having checked particularly with the Cherry Circle residents, reported that the majority wanted to remain in their homes – and that they were safe. They ferried one woman to dry land so she could go to work.
Later in the afternoon the DEM closed the road to vehicular traffic.