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PM: Pursuit of excellence

Gercine Carter

PM: Pursuit of excellence

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Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has expressed concern about “mediocrity” in the country and has warned that failure to raise standards could thwart Barbados’ ability to measure up to world standards.
Delivering a stirring address to the Garrison Secondary School’s No. 14 Unit Cadets’ Mess Saturday night, he encouraged students to pursue intelligence, strive for excellence and build character.
The Prime Minister told the cadets excellence in every facet of their lives was what it would take to make Barbados a great nation. It was the only means by which he thought Barbados would be able to take on the world.
“We are always too quick to elevate what is mediocre to the status of excellence, and if we make that mistake we lower our standards and then we are not able to measure up before the bureau of real world standards,” he cautioned.
And he applauded principal Matthew Farley for the “untiring efforts which he continues to display” in ensuring that the school reflects the pursuit of excellence in the way students carried themselves.
The dinner marked the 30th anniversary of No.14 Cadet Unit, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the neighbouring Barbados Light & Power Company Limited.