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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – Livin’ in de moment, good or bad?

luigimarshall, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – Livin’ in de moment, good or bad?

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Dear Nesta,
How life in London?  You-all settle back down to normal livin’ now dat de “Event O’ De Year” come an’ gone?  
Lord have ‘is mercy, dese pas’ couple weeks leadin’ up to de “big day” had wunna spinnin’, doh. Puttin’ trees in de church, decoratin’ wid roses by de hundreds, gettin’ five t’ousan’ police ’pon de ready. 
I see 600 000 tourisses from all over de worl’ was in London fuh de occasion, wid some j’ining wunna an’ campin’ outside de church long in advance o’ de weddin’ day. 
I won’ be a-tall surprise ef mos’ o’ dem tourisses din Amuricans. Jes’ say de word “royalty” an’ dem start to curtsey. Amurican TV announcers was over de moon las’ week. It was summuch weddin’ talk evuh day from evuh angle dem could dream up, it mek yuh tired, faif. It look to me as ef dem was mo’ excited dan de English ’bout dis event. Mebbe de monarchy mo’ popular in de States dan in Engelant.  
I onderstan’ some Amurican woman quit she job ’cause she c’n get time off from it to fly to Engelant to see de weddin’. Imagine gi’in’ up she wuk in dese hard times jes’ to be present, when she coulda watch evuht’ing ’pon TV. But she say she jes’ had to be in de midst o’ evuht’ing to “ketch de atmosphere”. 
When it all over, she gine be back home, mebbe strugglin’ to fin’ a job, while de Royal Fambly eatin’ caviar an’ baskin’ in all duh wealf. People got some strange bees in duh bonnets, faif. De English papers describe she as a “royal fanatic”. It appear dat back home she house full to de brim wid all manner o’ royal souvenirs an’ pictures.  
T’rowin’ evuht’ing to de win’s an’ tekkin’ off jes’-so, simply to see de royal weddin’ is wuh I would call livin’ in de moment. But when yuh look ’roun’ an’ see wuh happenin’ worl’-wide – wars, tsunamis, earfquakes, tempers risin’ daily in de Middle Eas’, – perhaps she right. Yuh butt up ’pon nuff people livin’ so nowadays.   
Duh say yuh en know how long life gine las’, so enjoy it while yuh could. Dah might be true, but some now tekkin’ it too far. Perhaps dah is why summuch cheques bouncin’ ’bout, ’cause even ef yuh en got de money, jes’ eat, drink, be merry an’ leh de future tek care o’ itself. As long as duh don’ involve me in dis “light-hearted” way o’ life, duh could do wuhevuh duh please. 
Dis way o’ t’inkin’ got Philomena in a cruel mood. She got a frien’ always ’pon a cruise an’ always borrowin’ money from she, mos’ times to help pay fuh de said cruise. I onderstan’ de woman plannin’ to tek a Mediterranean one soon, but Philomena also plannin’ fuh she, an’ from wuh I hear, it en nice. 
Y’see, she all fuh livin’ in de present, but pay-back time belonks to de distant future.  Ef yuh check, yuh would see she en de onlies’ one, lots mo’ got dah attitude – “livin’ light”.
I was up early Fridy mornin’ to watch de ceremony. I see all de pomp an’ ceremony still alive an’ well in Britain. One announcer reckon two billion people worl’wide was watchin’ it, while a million was ’pon de streets, so in spite o’ some people beliefs, it look like de English majority still want de monarchy. 
Lookin’ at de women hats had muh dizzy. I en know when I see such outlandish styles. I now lookin’ out to see ef, an’ when, any local copycats gine spring up. 
Seein’ dah weddin’ had muh t’inkin’ how life could eithuh kiss or kick yuh. Dat girl enter de church as a ordinary young woman an’ come out smilin’ as a Duchess. Mebbe de “light-livers” got de right attitude. “Don’ worry. De future gine tek care o’ itself”. You ‘gree wid duh attitude?           
Tek care o’ yuhself,
Yuh frien’ Babsie