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Canada’s Liberal leader quits

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Canada’s Liberal leader quits

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Former Harvard professor Michael Ignatieff says he is resigning as the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, after a crushing defeat in the country’s general election.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party won a majority government in the election yesterday.
The New Democratic Party (NDP) became the official opposition by claiming 102 seats, while the Liberals took 34.
The election marks the worst defeat in the history of the Liberal Party.
Ignatieff said today that Conservative attack ads, which made use of the more than 30 years Ignatieff lived in Europe and the US, had a large impact on the outcome of the election.
“My attachment to the country, my patriotism were questioned, my motivations were questioned and that had a political effect, there’s no doubt about that, but I have to also take my responsibilities,” Ignatieff said.
The Liberal Party dropped from 77 seats to 34 in the House of Commons, with Ignatieff even losing his own seat in a suburb of the city of Toronto.
The election marks the first time in Canadian history the Liberal Party did not finish either first or second. (BBC)