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Fears over hole in yard

Anesta Henry

Fears over hole in yard

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WHAT ON EARTH is going on in my backyard?
This was the question Terry Ashby of Keizer Hill, Christ Church, wanted answered after he discovered a large hole in his backyard on Sunday evening – a hole he suspects could be the opening to a cave.
But the large hole is not his only strange finding. A concerned Ashby told the DAILY NATION that “since late last year I saw that the yard started cracking up, then the back step started shifting, or rather moving out of place”.
Ashby is calling on “a qualified person who holds the ability to say whether it (the hole) is a cave or not to come and help me out”.
He pointed out that he was concerned because the hole seemed very deep. He said he had thrown “a rock in the hole and didn’t hear it make a sound”.
“My mother is in her 80s and she is always up and down through here dealing with her plants. And it is a scary thought for me to know that she could have come out here yesterday [Sunday] to look at her plants and something happened to her,” he said.
He pleaded: “I want somebody to come and try to find out what is going on here. I just want to know that it is not a cave because next thing you know there could be a cave-in and somebody gets hurt.”