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DE MARKET VENDOR – Good week for Royal Couple and Obama

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DE MARKET VENDOR – Good week for Royal Couple and Obama

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Friday morning Kate Middleton finally after ten years of laying the groundwork nailed her man and three days later President Obama after ten years of planning got his man too!
Celebrations of different kind pun both sides of de Atlantic, a fairy tale Royal Wedding brought over a million people onto de Mall amid scenes of jubilation as a beautiful young lady became a princess and a hugely popular prince got his lady, de stuff that only de British can lay on and broadcast coverage out of de top drawer. Now back to watching CBC!
And then there I was already in muh bed when muh nephew Joe, a New York NYPD officer on vacation wid he wife, wake me outa muh bed at nearly midnight to tell muh that he President coming wid a big announcement shortly bout Osama Bin Laden, thanks fuh waking me up Joe, ah was glued to muh television set watching the coverage pun de networks.
Pun May 2, 1945 Russia announced that Berlin had fallen and allied troops announced the surrender of de Germans in Italy and parts of Austria and pun May 2, 2011 de world hear the most wanted man was nailed in a place called Abbottabad in Pakistan.
Yuh can’t keep a good man down and de President had a good week all round ending wid de nailing of Bin Laden, poor Fox News, them was so stunned, they had up a caption that say that OBAMA Bin Laden has been killed, wishful thinking or a slip? Judge fuh wunnah self!
The sweet thing bout this whole thing is that the President heself did involve in de detailed planning since last August to nail Bin Laden and was chairing secret meetings of the security unit planning de capture and he it was that gave de order.
Imagine iffing it had gone wrong like the attempt by President Jimmy Carter to free the Amurcan hostages in Iran, yuh woulda never hear de end of it, so today I done know that this presidency gwine get define by the capture, imagine iffing Bush did capture Bin Laden?  Crowds outside de White House in the early hours of de morning were shouting four more years, he deserve it.
And to cap off a top class week, at the White House Press corps dinner, the President show that he can be funny as hell when he tek de mickey outa Donald Trump to roars of laughter from the Press corps, to mek matters worse he was in the audience!
Obama mek so much fun of he that I hear de folks from Saturday Night Live want Obama to appear pun de programme. De President say that now that the state of Hawaii release de original birth certificate, he was planning to release the original birth VIDEO, which he warned might not be pretty, had been under wraps for close to 50 years and that he heself had not seen! And the crowd roared! Imagine a man who want people to vote fuh he as president could be guilty of such nonsense and create such hysteria wid dese foolish conspiracy theories! He goose cook, de only president he can now become is president of the Bad Hair Days Club!
Now that Bin Laden has been eliminated, Mr Trump might be asking to see de original DEATH certificate! And as for Bin Laden, I trust that he can email the Al Queda boys, using the networks that they have and let them know what life is like living with 40 virgins.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear!

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