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Lamming wins literary award

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

Lamming wins literary award

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ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada – Grenada says the Caribbean Literary Award presented to Barbadian author, George Lamming, should serve as an inspiration for young writers in the country.
The Association of Cuban Writers and Artists granted its first ever Caribbean Hibiscus Prize to 83-year-old Lamming in an acknowledgement of his lifetime work of Caribbean writers, artists and groups.
Cuban writer Nancy Morejon said that the Hibiscus Prize is named after a flower common to Caribbean nations.
She said Lamming was selected to receive the first edition of the prize because in his works, there is a better appreciation of the spirit of the Caribbean.
Lamming published his first book, In the Castle of My Skin in 1953.
Minister of State with responsibility for Culture, Arley Gill describes Lamming as one of the Caribbean’s greatest writers.
“I grew up reading the works of Lamming and hearing about Lamming. Caribbean culture is not far away from the writings of Lamming and I believe this is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest Caribbean writers of all times.’’
Gill said Lamming’s award will serve as a motivator as Grenada prepares to host its second annual Spice Word Festival and Book Fair in October.
 “This Hibiscus Award is an inspiration for us in Grenada to develop our own homegrown award for literature, to elevate our own writers, to elevate our own creative thinkers, to elevate those who will take time off to put pen to paper.’
“Grenadians, as a people, have many experiences and stories that they can share,” he said, adding “we are proud of our oral tradition but, at the same time, we believe that we must engage meaningfully in writing.
“I hope to see a Grenadian writer given the Hibiscus Prize in years to come.’’ (CMC)