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‘Seek early asthma relief’

Anesta Henry

‘Seek early asthma relief’

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Too many asthmatics are waiting until the following  day to seek medical attention after having an attack the night before, which is a harmful  thing to do, says senior health officer of the Edgar Cochrane Polyclinic, Cicely Destana.
Destana expressed this concern as she spoke to the DAILY NATION during the clinic’s schools’ Asthma Quiz yesterday, and called for a halt to the trend.
She said most offenders blamed the “myth” of having to wait  long hours in the A&E department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).
“They have the attack during the night and they come  and they stand outside of the clinic door until the door opens  in the morning,” Destana noted.
Whereas they can go straight to A&E to the asthma bay. If you have an asthma attack during the night, head straight to the hospital, don’t  wait until the next morning  to come to the clinic and certainly don’t wait until morning to look to see how serious the attack  is – an attack is an attack.”
Destana also addressed the issue of asthmatics not walking with their inhalers.
“When you are an asthmatic you should always have your inhalers with you because that is your lifesaver. If you don’t have your inhaler and you start having an attack, by the time they get to you, you might be dead.
“This is why we sensitise the teachers and the children at the schools about the importance of walking with inhalers. We also know of incidences of adults who go into town shopping without their inhaler, they have an attack and then by the time they reach Accident and Emergency they are in a coma.”
 This year’s quiz included students from the St David’s, South District and Luther Thorne Memorial primary schools. At the end of the three rounds of questions, spelling and scenarios, Luther Thorne walked away with the championship trophy.
Here (From left) health sister at the Edgar Cochrane Polyclinic, Avashine Stuart Selman handing over the championship trophy of  the clinic’s annual schools’ Aasthma Quiz to Kyra Holder of Luther Thorne Memorial Primary School, as Holder’s teammates Ajani Yarde, Michael Gangara, Reaven Massiah and teacher Maxine Hoyte (back) look on.