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Fun at Senior Games

Carol Ann Tudor

Fun at Senior Games

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There was lots to cheer about earlier today when young and old filled the stands for the National Senior Games at the National Stadium.
Sunny weather made for a great day of track races, field and novelty events, but the heat was a bit unbearable for the athletes on show.
The day was not without its usual casualties, as quite a few sought medical attention after their races, with one or two having to be rescued from the track.
But that did not stop the celebrations, or put a damper on the participants who came out to have a fun time, whether it was a win or lose situation.
Track favourites such as Henderson Waltress, Victor “Broadback” Young, Kathy Harper-Hall, Pearl Yearwood, Janita Austin and Atherley Burrowes blazed the track with the crowds cheering loudly in the stands, their baskets laden with goodies of fried chicken, drinks and pudding ’n’ souse.
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