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PUDDING & SOUSE – Songstress left breathless

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PUDDING & SOUSE – Songstress  left breathless

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PEOPLE?who attended the John Legend show are still talking about the sideshow that stole the spotlight away from him for just a few seconds.
It appears that a certain songstress decided to have her five seconds of fame by prancing up to the stage in three-inch high heels and a dress so short that she dared not bend. She was responding to the call from the crooner himself for a lady to slow dance with him.
But her five seconds of fame turned out to be a major embarrassing moment since a big-muscled security official downed hand in her as she stylishly made her way to the stage and directed her away from the Legend, even before he could set his eyes on her.
The amusing scene left many asking if the songstress simply could not hold herself back or if she just wanted to show off her new double D assets.
Check yourself!
The office “buddies” of a woman want her to take a chill pill to curb her enthusiasm.
They say she is causing strife in the workplace, spreading rumours about co-workers and talking ill about the bosses behind their backs.
Co-workers are saying that she should check herself and all the negative things that have happened to her family. 
When her husband moved out recently, she was saying that she did not care because he does nothing around the house. She was even spotted socializing with the boss after bad-talking her behind her back.
Her colleagues want her to clean up her act and stop focusing on other people.
Ready to tell all
Pudding and Souse understands that a man is willing to come forward and prove that a certain married man and he were actually lovers for a very long time before that man shifted lanes and started dating the opposite sex.
The man is also saying he will tell people that the only reason his former lover got married is to hide his gay lifestyle.
Just can’t get enough
There is a woman who lives in the Pine who has given new meaning to those faithful words “till death do us part”.
Apparently, her husband has been cheating on her with another woman, who also lives in the Pine, but instead of discouraging him from committing adultery like any good wife would, she actually encourages him in committing the act.
Neighbours say she was in the habit of banging on the door of her husband’s lover every morning at 3 o’clock, telling him it was time to come home if he had finished his business with the woman. And amazingly he would get dressed, leave his lover’s bed and dutifully follow his wife home. 
But it appears that the outside woman got fed up with the wife’s generosity and ended the relationship.
However, just when neighbours thought they could finally get some rest, last weekend wifey turned up at the outside woman’s house with her husband in tow.
She was heard banging on her rival’s door and telling her, “I bring he back to you ’cause he won’t let me sleep pon a night. He lying down next to me every night crying like a loopy dog and saying that he miss you”.
True! True! True!