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DEAR CHRISTINE – Falsely accused of using women

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Falsely accused of using women

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Dear Christine,
it is with great trepidation and regret that I am writing to you.
I have read your column over the years and have always been impressed with your ability to advise and assist those in need.
It is unfortunate that I have to be writing to you about accusations being published in your column about me. I am referring to your article on Monday, May 9 entitled User Still Up To His Tricks.
This is the third in a series of letters published in your column and, based on the description, they are trying to imply that I did these things to these women.
I would like to categorically deny these accusations and shed some light on this continued attack on my character. I am not sure who the perpetrator is but this person has called my workplace, my girlfriend and my ex-girlfriend over the last eight months.
The person also called my workplace and made an accusation that could have caused me to lose my job and, even worse, be arrested. I am a hard-working person and I have been working from the time I was 18 years old and support my children 100 per cent.
I have a son who is differently able and these stories and accusations have caused my family great pain and discomfort; my mother is having a difficult time dealing with it. I am asking that you discontinue publishing these erroneous stories and do not allow anyone to abuse your column.
I just thought that I should let you know that the accusations are all made up and they are doing a lot of damage to innocent persons.
– Not A User
Dear Not A User,
It is horrifying to think that someone would stoop so low as to use this column to hurt another individual. Such behaviour is unconscionable.
When it comes to mail that deals with relationship problems, we respond and publish it in good faith. We only investigate those who write in asking for assistance to ensure they are legitimate.
It is unfortunate that this would occur, but it shows the extent to which those who have a grudge would go.
Thank you for writing and clarifying your situation.
– Christine