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‘Reach beyond regional ports’

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‘Reach beyond regional ports’

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THE BARBADOS PORT INC. may have won six Caribbean Port of the Year Awards, but General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union Sir Roy Trotman says he will be happy when Barbados is being compared to ports in places like Panama and Mexico, instead of those of other regional countries.
Trotman, speaking during the brunch yesterday at the Bridgetown Port as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, said he would be happy when he could see Barbados being compared to “people above our size”.
“You are proud and I am proud too, but are you proud that you are only managing 17 lifts an hour . . . ?” he asked. “When you tell me that on a daily basis you are lifting 40 an hour, then I will be happy to be the best, because I don’t want to be better than St Vincent and St Lucia; I want to be compared to people above my size.
“We have to fight above our size and that is what I understand that we have to do at the Bridgetown Port when we think about building the new port in relationship with other ports,” he told the gathering.
The outspoken Sir Roy said that while Barbados had the ability, the genius in mind, capacity and efficiency, education and training of the workforce were essential to ensure greater levels of productivity.
“When the acting CEO says that we are moving in the direction of training, I want you workers, management, directors and others to know that nothing beats the equipment of people than the level of education and training to achieve it,” he commented.
“We in BWU will partner with you in discipline. We will partner with you in looking forward to having greater levels of productivity. We will partner with you in being able to understand that sometimes it is not getting the most we are hoping for that counts, but it is looking at the long-term benefits for all the participants.” (CT)