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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Kite-flyin’ time far from over!

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Kite-flyin’ time far from over!

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All quiet ‘pon de home front? I hope so! ’Cause mos’ o’ de news nowadays seem to be always full o’ trouble an’ strife dat sometimes, after hearin’ or readin’ it, yuh lef’ mo’ depress dan evuh!
Well, Easter come an’ gone an’ I t’ought kite-flyin’ season was over, but it seem I mek a mistake. I been seein’ one lone kite wobblin’ ’bout in de skies, but mebbe fuh lack o’ breeze, or de tail en long enuff, it don’ seem to be risin’ too high. Dis kite call “Mek Buhbayduss a republic”! Now, some time durin’ de las’ Administration reign, duh float de same kite an’ de subjeck was hot ’roun’ de town! In fack, I t’ought it really was gine happen, an’ all like now, we woulda been bowin’ an’ scrapin’ to some local “Head Honcho” ’stead o’ de Queen!
But no, jes’ as fas’ as it was up, it was back down. After mekkin’ de roun’s fuh a while, I en know wuh happen to cause it to look less appealin’, but it jes’ turn into a “t’ought los’” an’ fall out de sky, leffin’ ethuh “nine-day wonder” to surface!
Couple weeks ago, de “republic” kite appear in de sky agen, dis time a former Attorney-General o’ de pas’ DLP Administration decide to put it out dey. But right now dis guvment still strugglin’ hard to “get out de woods”, so de suggestion en seem to be tekkin’ much root – fuh now! Mos’ o’ we got to direck all we interes’ an’ energy in tryin’ to keep de wolf from de door, so dey en tummuch energy lef’ to t’ink ’bout wevver or not we should be bowin’ to de Queen or anybody else, fuh dah matter!
Not so Mr Hammie Lashley! Fuh want o’ somet’ing to do, he decide to try an’ keep de kite from tumblin’ out de sky! ‘E believe we got a “serious inferiority complex in Barbados” an’ want to know why we still involve wid de Queen an’ she offspring? Buildin’s, roads, institutions an’ anyt’ing else wid a royal name, should ondergo a name change!
Dis would all help show we really independent o’ de Queen an’ anyt’ing British! An’ ’e cyahn onderstan’ why he mus’ still pay homage to de Queen an’ she heirs when he tekkin’ de oath at de swearin’-in ceremony after he win a seat! Wuh dah en hard to stop, Hammie! Jes’ get outta politics!
As long as we en gine back to dem ole colonial days, I don’ see changin’ over to become a republic gine mek a big lotta diff’rence. But I got one question fuh Hammie an’ all dem ethuh “republicans” out dey! When we become a republic, we would be gettin’ rid o’ all traces o’ anyt’ing royal, right?
So please tell muh wuh gine happen to all dem titles from de Queen? I would imagine dem got to go as well! It won’ affeck Hammie, but don’ fuhget de former A-G, as well as quite a few ethuh “Maguffies”, got dem! No mo’ “Sir Dis” or “Sir Dat”! I guess he gine ha’ to mek sure de Queen don’ gi’e out any mo’ an’ get back de ones she han’ out in de pas’! But, so as not to mek nuff people onhappy – ’specially de ones dat now wukkin’ overtime an’ prayin’ to get dah title – he might ha’ to sugges’ a clause fuh de new Constitution to mek sure duh continue!    
’Part from dis kite dat tryin’ to rise, I notice de plane, REdJet, also strugglin’ to get up. One minute de green light flashin’, de nex’, back to red. Dis plane got certain folk turnin’ blue. Duh en tekkin’ too kindly to dis new competitor, it seem duh rufflin’ nuff feadders!   
Tek care o yuh self
Yuh frien’ Babsie