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Premarital sex still a focus

Carol Martindale

Premarital sex still a focus

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Barbadians are not easing up on their comments surrounding the statement made by Anglican minister Reverend Charles Morris who said recently that there is nothing wrong with premarital sex.
Many have come down on the side of Morris, agreeing with him, while others have chastised him for the statement which has caused a public outcry. Some ministers across denominations have rebuked Morris, and the head of the Anglican Church Bishop John Holder has distanced the church from the statement.
In the Nation Talkback on Facebook, many readers continue to post their views
Here is what some had to say.
Melvin Skeete: “It is nobody’s business if you want to have sex before marriage. What about those who don’t believe in the God or the Bible, and there are many. Do they not have a right. We need to stop trying to tell people how they should live their lives. God gave us a choice to believe or not to believe. And what is sex. You mean to tell me that if nobody got married the good Lord would want the humans he created to vanish. There is no law in the Bible that states people must get married, therefore if people don’t get married and don’t have sex, nobody would be left to read the Bible”.
Kevin Hinds: It really baffles me how in this day and age, people still debate about the teachings of the Bible. If persons were to take every single rule of law given in the very unpopular books of Leviticus and Numbers then we would be relegated back to ancient times and society would be crying out on the injustices upon race, gender, social class etc. These rules, although some hold some basis today, were built to control the masses. It also amazes me how the Bible has been hypocritically twisted so persons are not adjudged as sinners because they are uncircumcised or because of the meats they eat… Individuals are branded as outcasts if they have sex before marriage whether promiscuous or otherwise. That said,  I am not going to say that Rev Morris was correct in what he said as a religious leader because the Bible spells out clearly that fornication is wrong but really these were rules and laws for a nation which was rebuilding and required the masses to conform. Sex before marriage was rampant then and whether Rev. Morris, me, you, the Queen or the Pope supports it, it will continue to be rampant today and tomorrow.”
Adrian Cumberbatch: “…Whether fornication is a sin is not a matter of someone’s personal belief or acceptance. The God of Heaven that created us, and gave us life, and gave our bodies sexual functionality is the only one privileged to say if it is sin or not. And He does. What does God’s Word say about sexual immorality, including fornication? It says 1) we must run from it (1 Corinthian 6:18), 2) He shall judge those who continually practice it (Hebrews 12:4), and 3)fornicators will suffer eternal judgment (Rev 21:8) just to mention a few things. Fornication isn’t more sinful than other sins, but because of God’s love, anyone can be washed clean from all sin, including fornication, by the blood of Jesus. Conchita Moseley: “There is nothing wrong with sex before marriage. This should not be a topic. What we should be really discussing is irresponsible sex, educating the youngsters about the dangers of unprotected sex etc. Those who object to sex before marriage are hypocritical. So many young people both boys and girls are abused by adults who should know better. You only have to listen to youngsters crying out for help all over the world”.
Benjamin Dover: “In the Bible, Jesus said ‘Let he who has no sin, cast the first stone’. Before you attack Reverend Morris search your memory and confirm if you had premarital sex. Let’s leave d Bible out of this. It is not a book to be questioned or ridiculed”.