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DEAR CHRISTINE – Married man’s a breath of fresh air

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Married man’s a breath of fresh air

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Dear Christine,
I’m responding to the article of Thursday, May 5, At A Loss, where the woman said that she was seeing a married man and how good he was to her.
I can see why that would make her happy in a way because?I’m in the same boat as her, except I’m not looking for marriage. I’ve had my children now, so all I want is a little happiness.
He came as a breath of fresh air into my life as I was at a very low period. I was having lots of problems with my children and the man I was seeing. I was almost at my wits’ ends, so to speak.
I was at the point where there was a scowl on my face and that’s not me. He put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.
It started as a “be careful you don’t fall to a first date” to what exists now. It’s not as long as her relationship, though, but still as fruitful.
He talks about his home life with some sadness, although you don’t always know the full story. But I was never a demanding person – a little for me goes a long long way. I grew up with very little, so I’m easily satisfied, but nobody can push me around, though.
Thankfully, all I need at this stage in my life is a little warmth and happiness from him and I’m good. Sometimes love comes from the strangest of places and people.
I have never been so attracted to a man. I just don’t want anyone regimenting my life anymore. He treats me very well; I don’t make any demands because I know the situation, while at the same time not being shortchanged or taken for granted.
Like I said, I don’t want marriage and I have my children already. He has made me very happy in a short time.
Too much pain, sorrow and tears have passed already.
He brings me peace.
Dear ITSB,
Being involved with a married man can often work to the detriment of the woman as such relationships cannot be developed and the only ones hurt is the woman and the man’s wife.
For this reason, I never encourage such links.
That said, I also understand the sense of contentment you seemed to have being in such a relationship as you have no expectations. When you don’t expect anything, you’re less likely not to be disappointed. 
I am happy that you have found peace at last in your life, but I sincerely hope it is not at the expense of this man’s wife’s happiness.
– Christine